• Wallsticker 3 kpl Anemones

    Mrs Mighetto

    Mrs Mighetto Wallsticker 3 kpl Anemones

    Decor your little one’s bedroom or nursery with the cutest wall decals!

    Our wall stickers are little Minimighetto friends for painted walls, furnitures and thicker wallpaper walls.

    Our wall stickers have the finest quality with matt and scratch-resistant surface and produced to be reusable many times. The sticker leaves no marks and is easy to apply on the wall!

    For a better and durable finish make sure the surface is clean and smooth before you easy apply the sticker with a little pressure. Start from one side and make sure you continue all the way to the edges. The “dot-shaped” adhesive coat makes the material easier to handle and to reposition. Applying by assistance of water is not recommended.

    Material: Polypropylene (PP) film

    The paper raw material of the cover comes from FSC- and PEFC certified sources, environmentally friendly water-based adhesive and PVC-free

    Sisältyy Baby Mighetto-mallistoon, joka lanseerattiin 22/6 2021 ja on rajoitettu painos.