• Lastenkirja The Forgotten Fairground (ENG)

    Mrs Mighetto

    Mrs Mighetto Lastenkirja Minimighettos - The Forgotten Fairground (ENG)

    Huomio! Tämä on englannin kielinen versio kirjasta.


    “Her voice swirled like plumes of smoke into the bright white light. The peculiar tunnel seemed to have no up or down, and they fought with flailing arms and legs to regain their balance. Suddenly, Penny landed on a rough surface with a loud bump, hitting her head on something hard. Everything went black.”

    Penny and her friend Lola wake up to find themselves in a forgotten fairground. Here an evil force has stolen everything that sparkles, silencing laughter and cheer long, long ago. All that remains is the terrifying master, the Mountain, who loathes the smell of children. Especially the ones who dare to defy him…

    Despite her fears, Penny must face the master on her quest to find little brother Bill and to fight the White Light. In her pocket she clutches a crumpled-up note from her long-lost mother.

    The Forgotten Fairground is a story written with magical words to be read aloud and shared. It’s about finding courage, fighting light with light and how you can always whistle if you need help…